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Bowling 01Mar14
At The Range 16Feb14
St. Patrick's Day Parade 15Mar14
Christmas Party 06Dec13
Spring Cruise 13Apr14
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GCC/KCC Annual Picnic 18May14
Race Night 28May14
Mini-Cruise 28Jun14
Fairmont Park 19Jul14
Fall Color Cruise 19Oct14
GCC Car Show 20Sep14
Don Brown Car Show 04Oct14
Christmas Party 05Dec14
Bowling 21Feb15
St. Patrick's Day Parade 14Mar15
World Bird Sanctuary 28Mar15
Spring Cruise 26Apr15
Tech Day 03May15
NHC Spring Fling 30May15
Ranken Jordan Car Show 06Jun15
Veiled Prophet Parade 04Jul15
Race Day 09Jul15
GCC/KCC Annual Picnic 12Jul15
Abe Lincoln Car Show 01Aug15
D.A.R.E. Car Show 16Aug15
GCC/Hotshots Car Show 23Aug15
Shriners Car Show 20Sep15
Fall Cruise 25Oct15
Thanksgiving Day Parade 26Nov15
Christmas Party 05Dec15
Bowling 27Feb16
St. Patrick's Day Parade 12Mar16
Fit-Flavors Car Show 10Apr16
Spring Cruise 17Apr16
Sizzler's Birthday Carty 30Apr16
Hooters Car Show 14May16
Tech Day 15May16
NHC Spring Fling 21May16
Bike Ride 05Jun16
Night at the Races 15Jun16
4th of July Parade 02Jul16
GCC/CCKC Picnic 10Jul16
Abe Lincoln Car Show 05Aug16
Fall Cruise 02Oct16
Steve Kelley Memorial Cruise 14Aug16
D.A.R.E. Car Show 21Aug16
Cars For Kids Car Show 27Aug16
Jim Butler Car Show 09Oct16
GCC Christmas Party 03Dec16